Szczecin steel warehouse - Hurtostal 2 apart from operating in sale and manufacturing of steel products, supports many initiatives of local society such as organised for the fourth time already Dąbie Water Picnic, seasonal holiday events - for instance Santa Claus Day event. As a part of our social activity we are also the sponsor of Students Interschool Sports Club "Dąbie" and in this regard every year we support the organisation of Hurtostal 2 Cup - National Handball Tournament on the beach - this year it will be held for the tenth time. We also sponsor travel expeditions helping among others Mr Andrzej Ziółkowski and other travellers to discover other places on the world\'s map. Our company is also involved in social activity, for instance by supporting Szczecin\'s associations, needy families and for many years the Polish Committee of Social Care.

2021-03 Helping out of the heart, not for publicity - an interview for the portal

Paweł Kwiatkowski: Apart from selling and manufacturing steel products, Hurtostal 2 supports many initiatives of the local community. Do your clients and contractors seem to appreciate your pro-social attitude? We support many local social initiatives. When helping others, we are primarily guided by our internal need to support ideas that are close to us - a healthy lifestyle, development and integration of the local community, support for people in a difficult life situation. We help to support events and initiatives that are important to us, and not to gain publicity among our clients. Very often our clients or contractors do not know about the social activities we conduct. Although there was a nice situation when, during a business meeting, a potential contractor noticed ...

2019 - Jan. Performance for children - hospital in Cracow

On the 17-th of January in Cracow\'s hospital took place, sponsored by us, a performance for children

2014 - Nov. Altai A. Ziółkowski canoe expedition

For many years we have supported Mr Ziółkowski expeditions. His last expedition took place in 2014. Another time his choice was a breathtaking mountainous area - Mr Andrzej was canoeing through beautiful Altai Krai which is situated in western Siberia. We encourage you to see the photos from that expedition.

2014 - Nov. bicycle rally on Sicily - the volcano of energy

At the end of 2014 we supported the bicycle rally around Sicily. The participants rode on Mount Etna, the most pleasant for sure was riding on the coast. The weather - as one can see is totally different than the one in Poland at this time of the year. We encourage you to see photos from that event.

2012 Dec. Santa Claus Day event in Dąbie

For many years we have supported sports and cultural events from our neighborhood district Dąbie. In January in 2012 we were the sponsor of Santa Claus Day event.

2012 June expedition to New Guinea

In 2012, supported by us, Mr Andrzej Ziółkowski travelled through New Guinea. Travel on that interesting island resulted in meeting many interesting people. We encourage you to see the photos from that journey.

2011 June Andrzej Ziółkowski Congo

Mr Andrzej, together with his canoe, also visited Africa. In 2011 he travelled through Congo. Location of this country in the wetlands area made canoeing adventures on those beautiful areas easier. We encourage you to see the photos from the visit in Congo.

2010 June Andrzej Ziółkowski Patagonia

A year before the journey to Africa Mr Andrzej travelled through, located in South America, the land of Patagonia. The expedition included bicycle ride through the Andes and then canoeing trip along the Rio Chubut River until the Atlantic Ocean. We encourage you to see the photos from that unusual journey.

2009 May We support young footballers - HST 2 CUP

In May 2009 we supported, as the main sponsor, Children\'s Day celebration and 3-day handball tournament on the beach in Dąbie.

2008 Oct. We support Students Interschool Sports Club Dąbie

As local patriots and football fans - we support young footballers from the local club - Students Interschool Sports Club Dąbie.

2007 June expedition to Mongolia

Our cooperation with Mr Andrzej Ziółkowski has lasted from 2007 when we decided to support his expedition to Mongolia. Mr Andrzej captivated us with his passion and curiosity for discovery. Thanks to our support he travelled by canoe through this amazing country. Beautiful mountainous landscapes, great, courteous people - all that we can see in the photographs sent to us by Mr Andrzej. We encourage you to see them.