Stock Level - Handles

We invite you to familiarize with the full offer of the articles available in our warehouse. To fulfill the requirements of our Customers stock level is currently updated every day. In our range of products you will find a number of steel products which one can familiarize with below. If products you are interested in are not available at the moment, we are able to bring, chosen by you, steel products (if only they are available on the market) within 7 working days.
All products from our offer you can purchase together with transport to the place chosen. We are able to provide the material of a total mass of 24 tons.

Below we present our up-to-date stock level - date of updating stock levels : 19/08/2022

Pos Product  Stock Level   UM.
139804 Uchwyt standard do krat 1850.000 Sztuka
012936 Uchwyty do krat (oczko 33x11) 284.000 kpl
061254 Uchwyty do łączenia krat ocynk. 51.000 Sztuka
117458 Uchwyty do łączenia krat ocynk. 10.000 Sztuka
016133 Uchwyty hakowe do C160 14.000 kpl