Cutting with Band Saws

Our company provides professional services of band saws cutting. We use five modern saw machines which guarantee high precision - band saws cutting we perform in general allowance according to EN 1090 in class 1 (customer\'s other demandings must be notified and agreed before the start of the implementation of the order). 
They are equipped to cut different materials from black steel, also those ones with big diameter, maximum dimension which we are able to cut at right angle is 810×810 mm. We invite you to familiarize with the characteristics of the machine.

Band sawing machine BMSY 810 C

Parameter Unit Value
Cutting, circular section mm 810
Cutting, rectangular section mm 810 x 860
Cutting, square section mm 810
Main engine kW 4
Hydraulic engine kW 1,5
Coolant pump kW 0,12
Cutting speed m/min. 20 - 100
Tape size mm 8200x41x1,3
Working height mm 635
Weight kg 3600